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Laboratory Equipment Heating & Cooling

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New Brunswick Scientifc G76 Gyratory Shaker Bath $249.95
Original Spirit Burner From Swedish Army - New $9.90
Thermoelectric Cooler With Heat Sink, Fan Tec Peltier $24.99
Lindberg Blue M 55035a-1 Mini-mite Tube Furnace 1100c $1000.00
Alcohol Burner Lamp Glass Adjustable Wick - Extra Wick $6.95
Sybron Thermolyne Temcometer Controller. Model Cp-12915 $12.99
Alcohol Lamp Glass Alcohol Burner With Adjustable Wick $6.95
Large Stonewave Microwaveable Hot Plate, Granite Heating Disc $9.99
Cms Tissue Path Tissue Float Bath Mfg By Lab-line A-2 $25.00
Pierce Reacti-therm Heating Module Model # 18870 Dry Block Heater Laboratory $9.99
Taylor Wharton Ld25 25ld Nitrogen Tank Cryogenics Dewar $295.00
Mti Hot Plates With Magnetc Stirring: 6.7"x6.7" Stainless Steel Surface Max.300c $180.00
Cryo-safe Cold Box, Scienceware, Model 188470002 $15.00
Wickless Dual Head Alcohol Burner $20.65
Wave Biotech Reed Technologies Thermasept 1 Reewelder $499.99
New 5 Ton Injection Molding Machine Air Cooled Chiller Copeland Compressor $4998.00
Precision 2874 (51221079) Heated Shaking Water Bath W Lid $495.00
Corning Hotplate Ac-500 $39.99
2 Minco Kapton Thermofoil Heaters,minco Kapton Heaters,minco Heaters,hk5561r37.4 $29.95
Blue M Furnace $100.00
Thermo Hybaid Hbsnsr110 Shake N' Stack Hybridization Oven Incubator $395.00
Bunsen Burner Control Valve Regulator $45.95
Lab Burner $2.50
Thermo Shandon Histobath 2 Az20 Tissue Processor Chiller $2495.00
4 Oz Alcohol Lamp. Alcohol Burner 2 Extra Wicks $6.55
Corning Stirrer Hotplate $26.00

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