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Laboratory Equipment Centrifuges

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Clay Adams Speed Control Assembly $206.69
Beckman Microfuge 11, Microfuge 12 Brush 2 Per Package $25.58
Baxter Scientific Products Biofuge 13 Heraeus $249.00
Clay Adams Pilot Light $28.68
Clay Adams Motor $240.87
Clay Adams Mechanical Time Switch (30 Minute) $83.39
Sorvall Rmc 14 Refrigerated Microcentrifuge - Local Pickup Only $49.95
Clay Adams Rubber Foot 4 Per Package $25.26
Clay Adams Industrial Grade Power Cord $40.61
Beckman J2-21 Refrigerated Centrifuge $3999.99
Working Sorvall Microspin 24 Dupont Centrifuge $75.00
Hamilton Bell Centrifuge Model 1505 3400 R.p.m $239.99
Clay Adams Solenoid Assembly $219.33
Clay Adams Vibration Isolator $40.92
Clay Adams Tach Meter $182.90
Eppendorf 5415r Centrifuge - 6 Mo.wrty -demo- $6.3k New $4750.00
Damon Lab Centrifuge $199.99
Clay Adams Brush 2 Per Package $11.24
Wheaton Mc1 Centrifuge Cat No 247200 With Rotor $699.99
Clay Adams Sero-fuge Ii Centrifuge $223.99
Beckman Microfuge "b" Brush 2 Per Package $24.72
C&a Xc-2000 Lab Centrifuge W Timer & Speed Control $250.00
Centrifuge Fixed Speed 8 Place Perfect For Blood Separationawesome Quality Price $275.00
Beckman Microfuge 18 Centrifuge Cat No 367160 $1789.99
Ace E-z Prp Dental Lab Centrifuge 2004 6000 Rpm .156 Kg $575.00
Drucker 613b Benchtop Centrifuge & 6 X 15ml Rotor - 3200rpm- Max 30 Minute Timer $139.00
Savant Speed Vac Plus Sc 210a Speedvac $1499.99
Beckman Airfuge Air Driven Ultracentrifuge W O Rotor $1500.00
New Dental Lab Centrifuge Casting Machine Apparatus $154.95
Ample Scientific Angled Rotor Digital Centrifuge, New $359.99
Hermle Z 230 Mr Centrifuge 27930148 With Rotor $699.99
Hettich Mikro 22 R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge - Brand New - Never Used $4750.00
Clay Adams K-2 Relay $66.19
Clay Adams Rubber Carrying Tray Liner $12.71
Heraeus Instruments Baxter Biofuge Bio Fuge 13 3637 $299.99
Unico Powerspin Bx Centrifuge With All 3 Rotors C885 $1495.00
Clay Adams Safety Switch $28.29
Unico C-mh30 Micro-hematocrit Centrifuge 24 Place Rotor $695.00
Eppendorf 5415c Centrifuge $399.00
Jouan Cr412 Refrigerated Centrifuge Cr4-12 Cr 412 $479.20
Savant Hsc10-fs Hsc10fs High Speed Benchtop Centrifuge $1199.00
Clay Adams 420225 Compact Ii Centrifuge $699.99
Clay Adams Electric Time Switch (15 Minute) $243.27
Baxter Labofuge A Model 2502 Centrifuge - Doa Warranty Nice $195.00
Clay Adams Tachometer Pc Board Assembly $141.83
Labnet Hermle Z180 Hla Z180hla Centrifuge Microcentrifuge $399.20
Hermle Z400 K Centrifuge Digital Control Centrifuge $75.00
Drucker Medical Model 511 Centrifuge $150.00
Clay Adams Head Adapter Assembly $70.91
Clay Adams Stepdown Transformer $108.27
Beckman Tj-6 Brush 2 Per Package $24.03
Clay Adams Rubber Headliner 3 Per Package $25.58
Fotodyne Incorporated Centrifuge Type# Z 229, 14,000 Max Rpm $200.00
Clay Adams Latch Set $10.08

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